Sunday, January 30, 2005

Caution! Merger ahead

Apparently were on the upswing for another round of massive company mergers. According to recent news P&G is on the hunt for Gilette. I can understand the somewhat muddled reasoning behind a marriage of two successful companies but what purpose does it ultimately serve? I remember reading somewhere about how a huge percentage of mergers never work out. Why am I not surprised. Its all part of that wonderful business circle... Companies merge, then they split apart, and then they merge again. Kind of reminds me of some awkward ballet with billions of dollars at stake all because some big shot c-level weenie is gunning for the limelight.

Fast Company had a very appropriate take on the whole thing.

Oh well at least we still have Wal-mart... jk

Think about it... and if you have stock in Gilette, you have the best a man can get.