Thursday, August 05, 2004

Our Honorable Mayor

Our town has a very interesting mayor. I decided to compose a brief Top Ten List in his honor. For those of you who know the situation it will be much funnier.

Top Ten signs that you have a bad mayor…

10. Throws the media out of meetings because he doesn’t want the “public” to know what’s going on
9. Two words: Napoleon Complex
8. Conducts all business via “that there hi-tech facsimile machine”
7. Currently involved in legal battles with his own city
6. Drinks Windex straight from the bottle
5. Spends time trying to be mayor of other towns
4. Last name rhymes with puke
3. Puts up a personal website to defend his actions
2. Hates “big business” trying to “bring jobs” into his city

and the number 1 sign that you have a bad mayor…

1. He lives in another city

Think about it...