Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Ohhh Sol A Treo!

Ohhh Sol A Treo!

The last two days here at the office have been quite interesting since the geek fairy paid us a visit. Most of the sales staff and principals have received brand new Treo 600 GSM mobile phone/PDA's and the chirp of people selecting new rings has echoed through the office like an SUV full of teenagers changing the radio station every fifteen seconds.

You would think that people would have some taste in selecting their mobile phone's ringtone but like a bed with dirty sheets, everybody has one and they all need to be changed. In a recent meeting with a colleague everything seemed to be going well until I heard something. It started out faintly like the noisy college dorm room neighbor who had an unhealthy addiction to playing Vanilla Ice at 2 AM. As he reached into his pocket the crappy MIDI sounds of "Ice Ice Baby" begin to bounce in my ear drums and kick holes into my brain. It was his mobile phone! Playing one of the most annoying songs ever written! Not even the real song but a crappy, polyphonic, casio-esque version that would have Vanilla Ice putting his "nine" to his own temple.

So consider this a public service announcement. Please use a ringtone that sounds like a telephone and even better, use the vibrate function. I would really rather not hear your phone at all. Lets all try and make this a crappy ringtone free world.

Think about it... and word to your mother.