Sunday, January 30, 2005

Caution! Merger ahead

Apparently were on the upswing for another round of massive company mergers. According to recent news P&G is on the hunt for Gilette. I can understand the somewhat muddled reasoning behind a marriage of two successful companies but what purpose does it ultimately serve? I remember reading somewhere about how a huge percentage of mergers never work out. Why am I not surprised. Its all part of that wonderful business circle... Companies merge, then they split apart, and then they merge again. Kind of reminds me of some awkward ballet with billions of dollars at stake all because some big shot c-level weenie is gunning for the limelight.

Fast Company had a very appropriate take on the whole thing.

Oh well at least we still have Wal-mart... jk

Think about it... and if you have stock in Gilette, you have the best a man can get.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Mission Impossible

After reading Seth Godin's blog posting about really bad mission statements, I wanted to attempt to generate the World's Worst Mission Statement ever! It appears that some companies have already made attempts to wordsmith their way to corporate mediocrity, intentionally or unintentionally.

I find it best to be shrouded in a mysterious enigma of psycho-babble in order to effectively set a course for a company. This one definitely takes the cake.

In attempting to generate the World's Worst Mission Statement I really felt that the less energy expended the better. I wanted to prove that in 5 minutes I could generate a paragraph of wish-washy verbiage that most companies would take a year to build. So with the help of a few tools, ( the corporate bs generator, wordlab, google) I present the World's Worst Mission Statement!



Advanced. Technology. Strategy.

Mission Statement

MegaMicroSystems is a key industry player with global tangible assets, strategic allied partnerships, and a information-driven technology base. We utilize user-centric methodologies, grow visionary systems, and orchestrate strategic functionalities in order to generate successful customer and end-user experiences. The ultimate goal for our targeted client base is to allow them to implement world-class synergies, generate end-to-end communities, and launch successful implemented platforms.

My brain hurts.

Think about it... and please utilize your targeted synergies properly.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

New York City

Times square dance

Driving through New York the other day was quite an experience. We parked near ground zero and visited the site where the World Trade Center used to stand. With temperatures below freezing we wandered around the chain link fences that separated us from the gigantic hole in the ground. The only other people were hustling from work to home and passed by the site with out a second glance.


Think about it...

I'm a parent?!?!

Fashion Footwear for my 15 month old

I finally realized the other day that I have become a parent. I have traveled to the planet where minivans are full of crap, everyone has oatmeal stains on their clothing, and we talk about our childrens bowel movements over dinner with our friends. I think it really hit me as I was driving my daughter to her grandparents house the other morning. My 4wheel drive manly vehicle was littered with toys and kiddie snacks.

I love it...

Think about it... and whatever you do don't reach under the seat!